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Escape for an unforgettable day to the Great Barrier Reef onboard Cairns' best value reef day trip. Try snorkelling at 2 outer Great Barrier Reef locations amongst fantastic coral formations teeming with colourful tropical fish and an abundance of exotic marine life. 





  • 2 reef locations
  • Snorkelling
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Boomnetting & GBB
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Wine & Cheese
  • Scuba Diving

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From 1/04/2018 to 31/03/2022 adultchildinfantfamily
includes lunch, snorkelling, boomnetting
+ 1 certified scuba dive add 1 certified dive to your cruise - includes all gear (minimum age 12 years) $55.00$55.00  
+ 2 certified scuba dives add 2 certified dives to your cruise - includes all gear - per person (minimum age 12 years) $100.00$100.00  
+ 1 introductory scuba dive add 1 introductory dive to your cruise - includes all gear and short lesson (minimum age 12 years) $65.00$65.00  
+ 2 introductory scuba dives add 2 introductory dives to your cruise - includes all gear and short lesson - per person (minimum age 12 years) $115.00$115.00  
+ wetsuit hire hire a wetsuit for the day $5.00$5.00  
+ Transfers - Cairns city return coach transfers from/to your accommodation $12.00$12.00$0.00$48.00
+ Transfers - Nthn Beaches return coach transfers from/to your accommodation $22.00$22.00$0.00$88.00
PLEASE NOTE: No extra levies are payable for the cruise.
child rate is 4 - 14 years, infant is 0 - 3 and family is 2 adults and 2 children.
PLEASE NOTE: As per Qld Government COVID regulations from the 17/12/21 all passengers 16 years and over must be double vaccinated

Tour Info 

  • Two spectacular locations
  • Unlimited Snorkelling
  • Up to 5 hours at the reef
  • Delicious Buffet Lunch
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Boomnetting (weather permitting)
  • Wine, cheese, biscuits & fruit platter
  • Complimentary tea & coffee
  • Experienced, friendly & helpful crew


Snorkelling is a popular recreational activity, particularly on the Great Barrier Reef! The primary attraction of snorkelling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting. The coral reef has many inhabitants such as dolphins, turtles, starfish, rays, and molluscs as well as an abundance of brightly coloured fish only found on Australias Great Barrier Reef. 

The Great Barrier Reef boasts more species of marine life than any other place on the globe, and as the "barrier" of the Great Barrier Reef protects the snorkelling locations, the conditions for appreciating them are optimal.

Never snorkelled before? If you are new to snorkelling or aren't confident in the water, a friendly crew member will be happy to assist you around the reef and ensure you have a safe and fun snorkelling experience. Buoyancy aids such as wetsuits, noodles and life rings are available to assist non-swimmers.  Join us for a wonderful snorkel experience.


Scuba Diving

Both certified and Introductory scuba diving is available, however this is primarily a snorkel boat. You'll need a licence to dive by yourself as a certified scuba diver, however no licence or prior training is required to experience an introductory scuba dive. All gear is included, as is some quick training for introductory divers. You are able to do 2 scuba dives as part of your day.

The minimum age for scuba divers in 12 years old. Some medical conditions and/or medication may stop you from participating in Scuba Diving.  Please check with us when booking your trip if you have a medical condition or are taking medications, to avoid disappointment on the day.


Glass Bottom Boat

If you don't want to get wet - or for a different view of the reef we offer Glass bottom boat tours with Marine naturalist reef interpretation. These short tours can be booked onboard and are weather dependent.

Boom - Netting

This is the only cruise to the Great Barrier Reef that offers this fun activity. A net is dragged behind the boat at low speed allowing you to experience this fun activity. Think of it as a natural spa. It's not only for the kids either, the whole family will love it.



Your Day










Boarding commences at the Marlin marina

Depart for the Great Barrier Reef

Arrive at the 1st location

Buffet lunch is served

Cruise to the 2nd location

Boomnetting time

Depart the reef - complimentary wine & cheese

Arrive back in Cairns


Your day starts with boarding at 7:30am at the Marlin Jetty in Cairns, we then cruise to the Outer Barrier Reef, where we spend 5 full hours, visiting 2 spectacular reef locations - Hastings Reef and Breaking Patches.

We offer Glass bottom boat tours with Marine naturalist reef interpretation for an extra cost, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or simply relax on the sundeck.

Enjoy a delicious tropical buffet lunch as we cruise between sites.

As we leave the Great Barrier Reef maybe try some Boom netting.

Complimentary wine, cheese and a selection of tropical fruits are served on the journey back to Cairns.

Our Reef Destinations


We visit 2 of these great locations daily. Which one's depends on the days weather, wind and tides

  • Hastings Reef - Alive with thousands of vivid tropical fish, this site is famous for it's Giant Clam Gardens, inquisitive Moray Eels and huge cod species.

  • Breaking Patches - Located off Michaelmas Cay, this great location is renowned for its forest of corals, large Sea Fans and Black Coral Trees, yielding some 400 species of tropical coral in its shallow lagoons.

  • Virgin Reef - Home to an abundance of tropical fish, spectacular coral varieties, Bronze Whaler Sharks and Manta Rays.

  • Long Bommie Reef - home to schools of Barracuda, Sweetlips, Coral Trout, Red Bass, Lionfish and our favourite - the green sea turtle!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do We Depart?
We board at 7:30 am for an 8:00 am departure.

When Do We Arrive Back Into Cairns?
We arrive back into Cairns at approximately 5 pm.

How Do I Get To This Cruise?
You can either make your own way to the Marlin Jetty or we can organise a bus to pick you up from your accommodation house cost return bus pick up.You can add bus transfers from your accommodation during booking.

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Reef?
Approximately 2 hours to get to our first location which is generally Hastings Reef.

Can Anyone Try Scuba Diving?
Age, medical and health restrictions apply for resort/introductory & certified scuba diving in Australia – and are stricter than in many other countries. Age limit Minimum age for participating in a resort dive is 12 years old. There is currently no maximum age limit, however scuba diving is a potentially strenuous activity and should be undertaken by fit and active people of all ages.Medical & Health Restrictions It is important that if you are thinking about going scuba diving, that you read the Important Information’ page first, to ensure that you are fit to dive according to Australia’s health regulations for diving.You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire before participating in any scuba activities. Some medical conditions, health issues and/or medications may prevent you from scuba diving (both past and current). For example: Heart disease, asthma, epilepsy or diabetes, high or low blood pressure or anything that may cause fits, faints or blackouts. If you have ANY medical condition (past or current), health concern or ANY medication, please contact our friendly team before booking your dive – we’re here to help you have the reef trip of a lifetime and most medical restrictions for scuba in Australia can be addressed in advance with a simple email, whereas once you’re at sea it can be extremely difficult for us to get clearance for people to go scuba diving with a medical condition and/or medication – causing disappointment during the trip.Please contact our office if unsure or for any questions.

What Is Included?
Unlimited snorkeling at 2 outer barrier reef locations
All snorkel equipment with the exception of wet suit
Snorkeling instruction
Scuba diving demonstration
Boomnetting activity – weather permitting
BBQ and salads lunch prepared daily at the reef
Fresh fruit platters
Tea & coffee all day (while vessel is stationary)
Glass of wine, cheese & crackers on return journey
Reef tax/fuel levy/admin fees

What Is Boom Netting?
Boom netting is where we get a giant cargo net and tow it behind our boat with passenger in it

Are There Allocated Seats?
No, the seats are not allocated, however there is plenty of room and seating both upstairs and downstairs and a lovely big sundeck to work on your suntan and get some fresh air.

Is the boat Air-Conditioned?
Yes, we are air-conditioned.

Are There Toilets Onboard?
Yes, there are 4 toilets.

What Shall I Bring?
Hat & sunscreen (SPF 30+)
Sun protective clothing, like a t-shirt or rash vest
Swimming costume
Beach towel
Cash for drinks at the bar (soft drinks, beer, wine)
Credit card for on-board shopping and optional adventures

Will I Need Any Money?
Yes, it is a good idea to bring some money.Our optional extras
Certified diving $55.00 for 1 dive or $100.00 for two dives
Introductory/resort dives for 1 dive $65.00 or $115.00 for two dives
Glass bottom boat & commentary $15.00
Wet suit Hire $5.00
Prescription mask $10.00
Underwater cameras to purchase onboard
Licensed bar with drinks and snacks available for purchase
Purchase photos taken of your day

How Long Are We At The Reef For?
Up to 4 hours at the Outer Barrier Reef.

Do You Go To The Reef Every Day?
Yes, weather permitting we do operate every day of the year.

Will The Water Be Cold?
No, Cairns is located in Tropical North Queensland so the water temperature is pleasant all year round. Average temperature throughout the year is:December-February 29c, 83f. A wet suit will also keep you warm if you are prone to feel the cold

What If The Weather Is Really Bad?
Often when the weather is cloudy or rainy in Cairns it doesn’t necessarily mean the weather is the same out on the reef, however, if you wish to change the date of your tour then we are more than happy to do so for you (subject to availability). We advise you give us as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

Do You Ever Cancel?
Rarely!Cancellations are usually due to the threat of a cyclone which can happen on occasion during the summer months in Cairns. The only reason we would cancel a tour would be for the safety and comfort of our guests. If we have to cancel due to weather then we endeavour to contact our passengers with as much notice as possible and are happy to offer an alternate date for your tour.

Will I Get Sea-Sick?
Hopefully not, we do have complimentary ginger tablets onboard and stronger medication is available for purchase.

Can I Use My Credit Card On The Boat?
Yes, we accept Mastercard & Visacard onboard

Where Can I Park My Car?
Metered outdoor car parking is available at the pier shopping complex car park adjacent to the terminal for around 80 cents per hour, undercover secure car parking is also available for around $13 per day, or if you don’t mind a short walk then outdoor car parking is available at Trinity Wharf for $6.50 per day. There is also some free all day car parking in Abbott and Florence Streets.

What Is Served For Lunch?
Our Guests enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch with fresh salads

Do You Cater For Vegetarians?
Yes, we cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements – please note we need to be made aware of your dietary requirements prior to the day of travel.

What If I Can't Swim?
It is always our aim to show all of our guests the Great Barrier Reef at its best, if you can’t swim or are nervous we don’t want you to miss seeing the Great Barrier Reef – we have crew on board who will help you in the water – you can even do a scuba dive.

Do I Need Experience To Scuba Dive?
NO experience is necessary, for an introductory/resort dive, its fun, safe and a lots of fun – our friendly dive instructors onboard are professional at taking people diving that have never scuba dived before – so relax you will be in very good hands – please read our medical information, children need to be 12 years old to scuba dive

I Am A Certified Diver But Can't Find My Certification Papers. Can I Still Do A Certified Dive?
Please contact our office with your full name, date of birth, where and when you got certified and with what type of certification you have i.e. SSI or PADIAnd will do our best to find your certification details for you – if we are not successful you can still enjoy an introductory/resort dive

My Partner And I Want To Go Diving But We Will Have Our Children With Us, Is There Anyone To Supervise Our Children While We Dive?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a child-minding on the boat so we cannot cater for infants, or anyone needing close supervision. However, if your children are old enough to go snorkeling on their own, we do have lifeguards watching the snorkelling area so they are in good hands. If you just let the lifeguards or any member of staff know that your children are entertaining themselves while you are heading off for a dive; they will be happy to keep a close eye out. Also we can certainly sort it out that you can both scuba dive at different times so there is always one of your with your child or children.

Will There Be Jellyfish In The Water?
Jelly fish at the reef – just to clarify we don’t actually get any box jellyfish at the Great Barrier ReefThey breed in the freshwater streams and creeks and when the wet season arrives normally late January early February they get flushed back along the beaches which is the reason that you can’t swim at the beach in Tropical North Queensland unless you use a net – we have some of the most beautiful rainforest waterfalls and freshwater swimming holes in the World and of course you can swim at the Outer Barrier Reef all year roundThere are also Irukandji sometimes at the reef but they are rare ….and it would be far worse odds to travel by plane or car and be involved in an accident than it would be to be stung at the Great Barrier Reef however we think it is a great idea to wear a wet suit.

Will I Get Sunburnt And Wearing A Wet Suit?
We are in the tropics it really is hot here and yes you should certainly have sun protection what we recommend is the use of wet suits – full protection from the sun, they also protect you and the coral if you were to accidentally come into contact with any coral, keep you warm and provide some buoyancy – all advantages whilst you are on the reef – we hire them for $5.00 per day also the less sunscreen on the reef in my own opinion the better

Are There Any Sharks?
Yes, sharks in all the oceans of the World, at the reef we often see white tip reef sharks, black tip reef shark, epaulette sharks – they are quite shy and pose no threat to any of our passengers – sharks are mostly nocturnal and are very timid during the day

Important Information For Scuba Divers:
You need to allow 24 hours from your last dive before flying.
Certified divers are required to provide proof of their qualification aboard – dive license card
Minimum age for trying scuba diving is 12 years. Minimum age for certified scuba divers is 10 years.
All divers will be required to complete a medical questionnaire onboard the vessel before diving.
Some medical conditions and/or medication may stop you from participating in Scuba Diving.
Please read our important information page & medical questionnaire if you answer yes to any of the questions then we suggest you see a Dive Doctor prior to your trip with us to avoid disappointment.
For any questions concerning a medical condition or medication, please contact our office before booking your trip to avoid disappointment on the day.


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